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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Rebuilding my 1998 Toyota Land-cruiser VX Limited Gearbox - converter and pressure pump


A few months back, i was on my way to the village when all of a sudden my gearbox gave way, i was notified by the taxi which was trailing me that my hydraulic is leaking. I pulled over to check and yes, the ATF was leaking through the gearbox bell housing. it was like a hot water tap.

At first i thought may be one of the horse pipes had bust, and thought may be it would take a few minutes to have it replaced and ATF refilled, i was relating it to a past incident when i used to own a Toyota Glanza V (sports edition). Although i appreciate the past incident made me aware of how the car behaves when the ATF is empty; the raving increases, power reduces up to a point when the car can no longer move. and if you keep raving it past that point you will be damaging the clutches in the gearbox.

After calling my mechanic, the actual truth was that the rubber seal in the pressure pump was broken, we also realized later that the joint between the pressure pump and the converter was worn out. My mechanic advised that we replace both the converter and the pressure pump, but my budget could not allow me at that time, i only had money enough to replace the pressure pump.

Problem or Goal:

Gearbox ATF was leaking through the bell housing.


Pressure pump seal was broken and the joint between the convert and pressure pump was also worn out.

Gearbox converter, see the joint that fits with the pressure pump has groves, this is not good.

A Gearbox converter with worn out joint


Replace both the converter and the pressure pump.
It took 8 hours to drop the gearbox and i was using 4 mechanics, took 2 hours to open it up and replace the pressure pump. And about 4 hours to mount it back.
Like i said, the best solution is to have both the convert and pressure pump replaced, because now i had to redo the work again after some time because i choose to only replace the pressure pump. Yes it allowed me to travel to the village a few times back and forth, total of like 1000KM and after that the pressure pump seal gave way again.

So now i have to buy the pressure pump again, the converter and pay man hours to do the work, what a loss? someone should learn from my experience because if i had replaced both, the i wouldn't be preparing for the second rebuild.

1. Pressure Pump = 450,000 UGX
2. Converter (make BMK) = 450,000 UGX
3. Labour = 200,000 UGX
4. ATF(10 liters) = 100,000 UGX

Problem Solved?

Am yet to finish the work and test the car again, i hope the problem is solved because if it happens again, the only solution will be to buy a new complete gearbox.
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