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Tuesday, July 11, 2017


Interested persons who meet the stated minimum requirements are invited to apply for the following vacancies by sending their application letter, certified copies of academic transcripts and certificates, and a detailed CV, to reach the address below, not later than 24th July 2017.
1. Drivers (2)
2. Assistant post officer (7)
3. Mail handler (14)
4. Pool drivers (2)
5. Assistant Internal audio (1)
6. IT Support (1)
7. Legal Services Clerk
8. Assistant Accountant (3)
9. Supervisor Financial Services
10. International Relations Officer
11. Manager expedited mail service and logistics
12. Manager Legal Services
13. Manager Information Technology (1)
14. Head, department of expedited mail services (1)
15. Head. Department of Business Services (1)

The Head, 
Department of Human Resource and Administration
Posta Uganda, P.O. Box 7106 Kampala.

Opportunity for Entrepreneurs - GoBig Hub "The Hunt"

GoBigHub is launching a new television program called "The Hunt", as a way to fund entrepreneurs, teach investor preparedness and presentation skills, and entertain the public. Entrepreneurs seeking funding will pitch their ideas to local investors who will then question those entrepreneurs, and decide to invest. This is a great way for local entrepreneurs to get funding and gain publicity for their business. 

We are filming our first four episodes this Wednesday from 2:00 PM until 6:00 PM, and we are looking for 24 total entrepreneurs to present a short (2-3 minute) pitch for their enterprise. GoBig Hub will advise them on how to best present their ideas and be investor ready before the cameras start rolling. 

Could you please pass this opportunity on to your entrepreneurs? If they are interested in appearing on the first 4 episodes they will need to return the "Get Funded form" to us by Monday

Contact Information
Our offices are located in the Tirupati Mazima Mall, 
Suite 233/234. 

Contact Person 
Madeline Pollack
GoBig Finance and Mentorship Hub Project Executive