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Thursday, May 29, 2014

List of 20 most famous play writers and their plays

Sometimes i just want to pull more traffic to my blog so write posts that are not technical :-)

Here is a list of the top 20 play writers and their famous plays:

Prometheus Bound
Agatha Christie 
The Unexpected Guest
Alan Ayckbourn         
The Norman Conquests
Anton Chekhov 
The Seagull
The Birds, Greek comedy
Arthur Miller               
Death of a salesman
August Wilson             
The Pittsburg Circle
Bertolt Brecht             
Drums in the Night
David Mamet              
Edward Albee             
Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf?
George Bernard Shaw 
Harold Pinter              
The Birthday Party
Henrik Ibsen                
A Doll’s House
James Matthew Barrie 
Peter Pan
Lillian Hellman  
The Children’s Hour
Oscar Wilde                 
An Ideal Husband
Tennessee Williams    
A Streetcar Named Desire
William Gibson  
The Miracle Worker
William Shakespeare

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Links to the highest earning questions on WebAnswers exposed

If you are a contributor to the question and answer website ( ) here is a shortcut to earning an average 3.5 Euros per day.

Just put an answer to all these questions in this file:

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These links rank on the first page of the Google search engine for different organic keywords. I removed the keywords, and  did a unique sort on the links. Please note that your answers have to be original and relevant, otherwise, the WebAnswers admins will disable your account before you can earn a single coin.

Answering these particular questions is like doing search engine optimization (SEO) on the WebAnswers website.

Happy Earnings

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Saturday, May 17, 2014

TCP Dump - WireShark Capture/Snoop on a Unix/Linux interface - Free Script

Here is a free tool to capture live packets on a Unix/Linux interface and analyze the captured packets using WireShark.

Simple Procedure:
1. Download the tcpdump tool here
2. Unzip the file
3. Transfer the file to the server whose interface you want to snoop
4. You might want to change the file permissions to make it executable (command: #chmod 777 file_name)
5. Identify the interface name that you want to snoop (command: #ifconfig -a)
6. Run the script: ./tcpdump -i eth88 -s 0 -w filename.cap

  • -i eth88 refers to the specified listening network interface.
  • -s 0 indicates that the message length is not limited. By default, 1,024 bytes is captured from each packet.
  • -w filename.cap directly writes the packet into the file without analysis or printout. replace filename with the actual name of the file.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Your recipient is not able to receive funds at this time. Your recipient must first set up his or her account to receive funds.

A few days ago, i tried receiving a payment for a gig i had completed on using my PayPal account and the person who was trying to send me the payment got this message:

 "Your recipient is not able to receive funds at this time. Your recipient must first set up his or her account to receive funds."

When i tried to consult with PayPal help, i was told that my account is not able to receive payment because, my country (UGANDA) is not on the list of the countries that can use PayPal to receive payments. 
At the moment, PayPal accounts setup in Uganda can only send payments to other PayPal accounts but can't receive payments. i was very disappointed and i don't hope this policy is about to change any time soon. For once this made me hate the fact that am Ugandan, and that it's not fun to be Ugandan.

But am someone who never gives up, not without a fight, however i didn't think that appealing to PayPal  would be the best fight, because i can't handle the bureaucracies involved (i understand that for a country to be white-listed to receive PayPal payments, an "Anti-Money Laundering" law has to be in place, so clearly i would be fighting a losing battle because am not in the parliament to quickly influence this law, besides our Uganda parliament is busy discussing other useless laws like; "The Anti Homosexuality Bill" "Mini Skirt Bill" "Marital Rape Bill" instead of focusing on laws that will increase income inflow to our poor economy).

So i set out to look for an alternative way of getting my hands on the money that i had worked for and thank God, someone had already thought about a working solution. a solution that works for all (Ugandans inclusive).
PAYONEER allows you to withdraw money from a PayPal account and access it directly from any ATM machine that supports MasterCard.

Get your card today

The process is simple:
  • Open an account with payoneer
  • Provide a residential address where they can send your prepaid debit card (Please Note: They don't allow addresses for your work place, schools, hospitals. it has to be your personal address, preferably a residential address, i know this is a big challenge in Uganda because some of our residences don't have addresses! but you can use your friend's, parent's, relative's address where you are sure you will be able to know when your card arrives.)
  • Your prepaid debit card (with mastercard) will be shipped to you (takes about a month).
  • Activate your card on the payoneer website once you receive it
  • Withdraw money from your PayPal account to your Payoneer card (forgot to mention that you need a PayPal account where the money will be sent first, open one here)
  • Walk into any ATM in Uganda with MasterCard services (Stanbic Bank ATMs, Barclays Bank ATMs)
  • Money in your hands :-) 
Problem Solved by Payoneer

This is so far the best way to receive online payments from paypal and it has motivated me to make more money online. JOIN NOW