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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

UDB i-Growth Accelerator 2017 Call for Innovations - Deadline 25th Jan 2018

The UDB i-Growth Accelerator 2017 will focus on supporting commercialization of local start-ups and stimulating a culture of innovation in Uganda so as to contribute to the country’s social economic development. The i-Growth Accelerator Program is an annual initiative that will support individuals to grow and expand their start-up enterprises in all sectors. For 2017, the Accelerator will focus on the Agriculture and Manufacturing sectors

Sub Themes;

1. Production

2. Post-harvest handling and Transportation

3. Value addition standardization & Branding

4. Access to Market & Capital Opportunities

5. Manufacturing & Agro – Processing
Are you working on an innovative idea or approach that has potential to Accelerate communities in the above areas?

Thursday, November 23, 2017

The Healthy Villages Summer Internship 2018 - Uganda Village Project

We are now accepting applications!


1 January 2018.

Summer Internship

The Healthy Villages Summer Internship brings together undergraduate, graduate, international development, public health, and medical students from across the globe to work alongside rural communities as they are empowered to lead healthier lives. The 2018 internship dates are:

  • June 13 – August 12, 2018 for team members (8 weeks)
  • June 10 – August 12, 2018 for team leaders (8.5 weeks)

If you have questions please contact our Internship Chairperson, Chelsea Powell at:

About the Internship

The Healthy Villages Internship provides a broad exposure to UVP’s diverse community health programs where interns engage with theories and practices of public health and international development in a grassroots context. Intern teams spend 8 weeks during the summer establishing, sustaining, and monitoring UVP’s public health and advocacy programs in rural communities throughout Iganga District. Ultimately, interns focus on grassroots health promotion strategies in order to improve public health in partnered villages.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Uganda - The and Challenge

iamtheCODE is organizing a hackathon. 
Please read the agenda in the download link below to get the full details of the event.

We are looking for some of the best developers we have in Uganda who are open to working with us during the hackathon and may eventually
be offered employment by either iamtheCODE or

Thursday, November 16, 2017

How to enable SSH and TELNET access to your CISCO router?


This post will show you how to quickly enable SSH or TELNET access to your cisco device

Problem or Goal: 

To allow remote SSH or TELNET into your cisco device


For remote access and management


1. First you need to create a username and password which will be used for this connection. also the service password-encrption command will encrypt all passwords.

#configure t
Enter configuration commands, one per line.  End with CNTL/Z.
(config)#username admin password my_passwd
(config)#service password-encryption
(config)#do wr
Building configuration...

2. Check to see if ssh service is enabled

#show ip ssh

SSH Disabled - version 1.99
%Please create RSA keys to enable SSH (and of atleast 768 bits for SSH v2).
Authentication methods:publickey,keyboard-interactive,password
Authentication timeout: 120 secs; Authentication retries: 3
Minimum expected Diffie Hellman key size : 1024 bits
IOS Keys in SECSH format(ssh-rsa, base64 encoded): NONE

3. Enable ssh service, this will require that you define a domain-name first.

(config)#ip domain-name
(config)#crypto key generate rsa 
The name for the keys will be:
Choose the size of the key modulus in the range of 360 to 4096 for your
  General Purpose Keys. Choosing a key modulus greater than 512 may take
  a few minutes.

How many bits in the modulus [512]: 1024
% Generating 1024 bit RSA keys, keys will be non-exportable...
[OK] (elapsed time was 2 seconds)

*Nov 16 09:15:30.339: %SSH-5-ENABLED: SSH 1.99 has been enabled

4. Check again to confirm that the SSH service has been enabled

#show ip ssh

SSH Enabled - version 1.99
Authentication methods:publickey,keyboard-interactive,password
Authentication timeout: 120 secs; Authentication retries: 3
Minimum expected Diffie Hellman key size : 1024 bits
IOS Keys in SECSH format(ssh-rsa, base64 encoded):
ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAAg5nxMPBibofHZdpO4BGd40p6GXjIMEOOlJTjm0

5. Configure line console

#configure t
(config)#line con 0
(config)# logging synchronous
(config)#login local
(config)# do wr

6. Configure line VTY and allow SSH and TELNET

#configure t
(config)#line vty 0 4
(config)#login local
(config)#transport input telnet ssh
(config)# do wr

Problem Solved?

Verify by trying to ssh/telnet into your device from a remote computer. make sure the network connection is reachable before testing SSH or TELNET

How to un-configure a cisco router and erase the configuration to factory default?


The purpose of this post is to quickly show you how to un-configure your cisco router and erase or reset the configuration back to factory default.
This post assumes that you have the access password to privileged EXEC mode of your router.
If you don't have access to the password, there is another post that i wrote on how to recover the password of your cisco router without loosing your current configuration.

Problem or Goal:

Our aim is to un-configure and reset a cisco router


It's advised to always erase your router configuration before selling them in the refurbished market or before donating them to another organisation.


1. Log in to the privileged EXEC mode of your router (make sure you have the enable password to your router)


2. Enter the configuration mode

MY_TECHIE_GUY_LAB01#configure terminal

3. Change the configuration register as follows:

MY_TECHIE_GUY_LAB01(config)#config-register 0x2102

4. Type "end" to go back to EXEC mode


5. Type "write erase" to delete all configuration files from the memory

MY_TECHIE_GUY_LAB01#write erase 
Erasing the nvram filesystem will remove all configuration files! Continue? [confirm]

Erase of nvram: complete

6. Type "reload", and answer the system prompts as follows:


Do you want to reload the internal AP ? [yes/no]: y

Do you want to save the configuration of the AP? [yes/no]: n

System configuration has been modified. Save? [yes/no]: n

Proceed with reload? [confirm]

7. The router will now reboot, answer "no" when asked to enter the initial configuration dialog?

         --- System Configuration Dialog ---

Would you like to enter the initial configuration dialog? [yes/no]: n

Press RETURN to get started!

Problem Solved?

Your router config is now back to the original factory default.


Thursday, October 26, 2017

Jobs - Regional Network Administrator (Spedag Interfreight - Kampala, Uganda)

Published on: Tuesday, October 24, 2017
Location: Kampala, Uganda
Job Title: Regional Network Administrator


  • Maintain a reliable, secure and efficient data communications network. Able to deploy, configure, maintain and monitor all active network equipment in order to ensure smooth network operation.
  • Management and maintenance of Router, Switches, IP Telephony, PABX.
  • Ensure the DNS Records of the Organization’s DNS Zone is up to date.
  • Periodic review and provide quarterly report of the Network Computers host files to ensure, no unwanted DNS entries are available in the host file.
  • Quarterly review, update where necessary and report the DNS records in the Organization’s DNS Zone.
  • Ensure all the network nodes in the organization has primary DNS as local zone, secondary as HQ zone and third one as ISP zone.
  • Ensure the availability of the DHCP Server in all stations and ensure all the Desktops and Workstations are connected as DHCP Client.
  • Separate Network Ranges for the fixed IP for Servers, Printers and other static network devices from the DHCP Range.
  • Prepare VLAN for Guest Wi-Fi Access and actively monitor lease expiry time.
  • Separate the DHCP Lease for using VLAN Access for Organization and Guest.
  • Ensure no handheld devices are accessible to Organization network. Ensure the Branch VPN Tunnels are actively configured with necessary encryption and active failovers.
  • Prepare necessary Dial-up SSL VPN access to the key users based on the authorization from the Head IT Africa / CTO / Group CIO.
  • Prepare, implement and monitor necessary firewall policies to avoid internet abuse and external attacks.
  • Keep up to date documentation on the firewall policies of the organization with the changes updated on periodic basis.
  • Hold review meetings with the Country IT and record improvements and propose necessary corrective actions where necessary.
  • Periodically update software updates to the Network Devices – Firewall OS, Managed Switches
  • Monitor ISP Downtime and hold review meetings with the ISP in line with the defined SLA and negotiate on the rebates.
  • Define network policies and procedures
  • Research and make recommendations on improvements in Network System administration in coordination with the Global Network Administrator. 

  • Expertise in the entire Watch Guard/Cisco line of products (Router, Switches, Firewall, Network Appliances).
  • Expertise in communication protocols at the medial layer (OSI Layer 1 to 3) and host layers (OSI layer 4 to 7) that includes but is not limited to Ethernet 802.11, ARP, IP, TCP, UDP, SSL, TLS, HTTP, SMTP, FTP, DNS.
  • Expertise in network monitoring tools, in order to analyze network related issues and translate the results, graphs into concrete remedial actions
  • Capable of making informed decisions and provide practical, timely solutions
  • Willingness to involve stakeholders in the decision making process, to get buy-in and to implement solutions.
  • Readiness to continuously focus on identifying and meeting customer current and future needs
  • Readiness to provide alternatives and optimized solutions to the Customer.
  • Detail oriented and able to multi task
  • Ability to work alone or in a team, co-operation (mentoring, motivation)
  • Target driven spirit.
  • High energy and resilience.
  • Be authentic, approachable, open and honest.
  • Bachelor of Science or IT related discipline / Experience of 5 years Computer Literacy
  • Working knowledge for hardware: HP PCs, Laptops, Servers, Printers and Cisco Switches, Routers
  • Good knowledge and experience of Watch Guard Firewall, Cisco Switches, LAN, WAN, VPN.
  • Working knowledge with PRTG Network Monitoring or similar tools
  • Preferred knowledge and experience in ITIL and/or CobitActive Directory
  • Preferred knowledge and experience in ITIL and/or Cobit
  • Fluent in English 

Submit copies of academic qualifications and resume to;

Saturday, October 7, 2017

RRDTool Says: ERROR: Opening x.rrd No such file or directory - Creating Cacti Graphs


I faced this issue on a new cacti installation recently, at this point i had successfully finished adding the device to be monitored by cacti.
Cacti was also able to successfully query the snmp interface statistics for the test device i added. The challenge came when i added my first graph.  
I was getting the error below:

 "RRDTool Says: ERROR: opening '/var/www/html/rra/t_traffic_in_6.rrd': No such file or directory"

Problem or Goal:


I couldn't straight away tell the cause, but what was obvious is that the ".rrd" files were not being created whenever a graph was created!
Another symptom worth mentioning is that my test device status was showing "unknown" instead if "up", yet the snmp/ping query was successful!


I tried a few things so am a bit confused myself on what exactly did the trick!!
but here is a list of checks to guide you in case you find yourself in a similar situation.

1. Check the HTTPD error log ("error_log") for any hints relating to this error

This is usually found under "/var/log/httpd/"

 # tail /var/log/httpd/error_log

2. Check the cacti log ("cacti.log") for any hints relating to this error
3. Make sure the directory "rra" is owned by user "cacti" and has "rwx" privileges

# cd /var/lib/cacti/
# ls -ltr
total 16
drwxr-xr-x. 6 apache apache 4096 Sep 22 22:34 cache
lrwxrwxrwx. 1 root   root     24 Sep 22 22:34 include -> /usr/share/cacti/include
lrwxrwxrwx. 1 root   root     20 Sep 22 22:34 lib -> /usr/share/cacti/lib
drwxr-xr-x. 2 apache apache 4096 Sep 22 22:34 scripts
drwxr-xr-x. 2 root   root   4096 Sep 22 22:50 cli
drwxr-xr-x. 2 cacti  root   4096 Sep 26 18:33 rra
4. Check the cacti crone tab and try to run the "poller.php" script as user "cacti" and again as user "root", which ever runs smoothly without giving you errors should be the one to use in running the "poller.php" crone job.
For my case, whenever i would attempted to run the "poller.php" script as user "cacti", i would get the following mysql error:

# /usr/bin/php /usr/share/cacti/poller.php

"FATAL: Connection to Cacti database failed. Please ensure the database is running and your credentials in config.php are valid."

But as user "root", my "poller.php" script would run ok.
So i edited my cacti crone tab to look like this:

# cd /etc/cron.d
# vi cacti 
*/5 * * * * root /usr/bin/php /usr/share/cacti/poller.php > /dev/null 2>&1

Problem Solved?

Yes, the ".rrd" files were created after running the poller.php script successfully.
For the new graphs, i get the same RRD ERROR on the GUI!, but when the poller.php runs (which happens every 5 mins according to the crone tab), the ".rrd" files are created for the new graphs and the graphs start plotting statistics successfully.

Immediately after creating the graph i see the same error:

After waiting the 5 mins interval, the poller.php runs and the ".rrd" files are created for that graph, i get normal graphs.

The difference is that before i edited the cacti crone tab to be ran by user "root", even waiting for the 5 mins interval was not clearing the error.

I know this is not the perfect way, but if you manage to figure out why the ".rrd" are not created at the instant you click "create" in the cacti GUI, you can leave for me a comment and i will be happy to fine tune my system.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Cacti Data Query [SNMP - Interface Statistics] No Items Found - Solved


I have just finished a new installation of cacti and it was time to add the devices to be monitored.
I successfully added the device, and could get some snmp information through but the challenge came when i tried to create graphs for this device.

When i ran the data query (SNMP - Interface Statistics), i got "No Items Found"

Problem or Goal:

Data Query [SNMP - Interface Statistics]
No Items Found


When i ran snmpwalk from the cacti server CLI, i discovered that my community was not able to query for interface statistics.
You can try this command on your server if you have similar challenges.
Remember to substitute the string "public" with your SNMP community string that you configured on your target device.

Also subsititute the IP address "" with your target device's IP address

# snmpwalk -v2c -c public
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress = No Such Object available on this agent at this OID


The solution to this problem is to make sure the SNMP community you configured on your target device has access to all SNMP Objects.

# snmpwalk -v2c -c public
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.1 = STRING: 0:30:88:20:b4:fb
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.2 = STRING: 0:30:88:20:b4:fc
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.8 = STRING: 0:30:88:4:93:3a
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.12 = STRING: 0:30:88:20:b4:ff
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.13 = STRING: 0:30:88:20:b4:fd
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.18 = STRING: 0:30:88:17:ee:4f
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.19 = STRING: 0:30:88:17:ee:50
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.20 = STRING: 0:30:88:17:ee:51
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.22 = STRING: 0:30:88:17:ee:53
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.25 = STRING: 0:30:88:20:b4:fe
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.26 = STRING: 0:30:88:17:ee:52
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.67108864 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.67108866 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.67108867 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.67108903 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.67108911 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.67895292 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.67895328 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.67895336 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.68026447 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134226605 = STRING: 0:30:88:17:ee:4f
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134226607 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134226609 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134226610 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134226611 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134226612 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134226615 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134226616 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134226617 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134226621 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134226623 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134226624 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134226626 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134226629 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134226630 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134226631 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134226632 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134226633 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134226634 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134226635 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134226636 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134226637 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134226638 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134226639 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134234110 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134234140 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134238211 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134238241 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134238257 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134242352 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134242355 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134242375 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134242393 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134242394 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134242396 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134242397 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134242444 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134242452 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134242453 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134242489 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134246590 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134246608 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134246627 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134246663 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247040 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247058 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247060 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247066 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247067 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247080 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247090 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247091 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247095 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247107 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247113 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247116 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247117 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247118 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247119 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247121 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247122 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247123 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247125 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247126 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247127 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247128 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247129 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247130 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247132 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247135 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247136 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247137 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247139 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247140 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247141 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247142 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247143 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247144 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247145 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247146 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247147 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247148 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247149 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247150 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247152 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247153 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247154 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247155 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247156 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247170 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247171 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247175 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247187 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247193 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247196 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247197 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247198 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247199 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247201 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247202 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247203 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247205 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247206 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247207 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247208 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247209 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247210 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247212 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247215 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247216 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247217 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247219 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247220 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247221 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247222 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247223 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247224 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247225 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247226 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247227 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247228 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247229 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247230 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247232 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247233 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247234 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247235 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247236 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247246 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247247 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247248 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247249 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247250 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247251 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247252 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247253 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247254 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247255 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247274 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247275 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247276 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247283 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247284 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247285 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247286 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247287 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247289 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247290 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247291 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247292 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247294 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247295 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247296 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247372 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247373 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247374 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247375 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247376 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247377 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247381 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247382 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247383 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247410 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247411 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247412 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247468 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247469 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134247470 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134262781 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134262782 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134262783 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134262784 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134262786 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134262789 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134262790 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134262791 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134262793 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134262794 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134262795 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134262797 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134262798 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134262799 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134262800 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134262802 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134262804 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134262806 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134262807 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134262814 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134262815 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134262816 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134262819 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134262821 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134262822 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134262824 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134262825 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134262827 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134262828 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134262838 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134262839 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134262840 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134262855 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134262856 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134262857 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134262865 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134262866 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134262867 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134262868 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134262870 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134262871 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134262872 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134266870 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134266871 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134266873 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134266886 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134266914 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134266918 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134266919 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134266920 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134266921 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134266923 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134266924 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134266925 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134266935 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134266937 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134266938 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134266939 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134266940 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134266941 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134266942 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134266944 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134266945 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134266946 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134270965 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134270966 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134270967 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134270968 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134270969 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134270970 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134270971 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134270978 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134270979 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134270983 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134270984 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134270985 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134270986 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134270988 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134270989 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134270990 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134270991 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134270992 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134270993 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134270994 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134270995 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134270996 = STRING: 
IF-MIB::ifPhysAddress.134270997 = STRING: 

Problem Solved?

Yes, i was able to sort out my snmp configuration on my target device and when i ran the data query on the cacti GUI, i was able to discovery my device's interface statistics.