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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Stacking EX4200-24F with EX4200-24T using virtual chassis and vc ports


Stacking EX4200-24F with EX4200-24T using virtual chassis and vc ports.

This article is not a subsitute to the original juniper documentation, i recommend you read the original juniper manuals as they keep track of all the software changes.


Problem or Goal:

To increase port count on your current switch



1. Gather the serial numbers for the two switches:
> show chassis hardware

2. Set the Virtual Chassis mode to mixed:
This is good if in future you wish to add mixed members to the EX4200 VC, say if you add an EX4500, run the command below on both switches.
> request virtual-chassis mode mixed

3. Reboot both switches for the command in (2) above to take effect:
> request system reboot

4. when you have finished rebooting both switches, leave the switch that is supposed to be master powered on and power off the switch that is supposed to be backup. It's time to do the "preprovisioned configuration" on the master switch.

5. Specify the preprovisioned configuration mode:
[edit virtual-chassis]
# set preprovisioned

6. Specify all the members that will be included in the Virtual Chassis configuration, listing each switch's serial number with the desired member ID and the desired role:
[edit virtual-chassis]

# set member 0 serial-number XX0213517333 role routing-engine
# set member 1 serial-number XX0213517332 role routing-engine

7. (Optional. Recommended for a two-member Virtual Chassis) Disable the split and merge feature:
[edit virtual-chassis]
# set no-split-detection

8. Check you configuration so far:
# commit check

9. Commit your configuration on the master
# commit

10. Connect the two switches using a VC cable connected to the vc-ports

11. Power on the second switch (the backup member)

12. When the second switch has fully booted, it will automatically be added to the virtual chassis as a back up; here are some helpful show commands to verify that your VC is successful.

# show virtual-chassis vc-port 
# show virtual-chassis
# show chassis hardware

Problem Solved? 

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