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Monday, February 6, 2017

I Can Ping But I Can Not Browse - What's wrong with my Internet?


For the biggest part that i have worked in the ISP industry, this is by far the most common complaint from the customers, so today i have decided to write a brief guide line on how to troubleshoot this problem from the client side and possibly resolve it yourself without having to engage the service provider.

Problem or Goal:

You can ping a public IP in the internet for example but can't browse a website for example in your browser.

if you open your CMD terminal and run this test:
1. Ping any public IP, for example you get replies, meaning your connectivity up to layer 3 (refer to the OSI model) is ok.
Opening CMD

Pinging a public IP returns replies, meaning connectivity is OK.

2. The challenge is when you ping a domain name for example; ping

Ideally this should also work if the domain is valid, it should be able to resolve the domain to an IP and you should be able to get replies on the CMD, that is for a good connection.
This is a good ping to a domain name and good DNS resolution of domain to IP

3. But for this case where a customer is able to ping the internet (in 1 above) but can't browse a page on the internet, usually the second test (2 above) will fail, you will get request timed out and the domain will fail to resolve into an IP.


Most likely you have a DNS issue, check to make sure the DNS settings are properly configured in your router or PC. 


Ask your service provider for the DNS settings, if the DNS is statically configured, make sure you have entered the right DNS IP.
If you don't know which DNS to use, you can configure your router or computer to use the public DNS(s), for example the google public DNS IP:

Problem Solved?

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