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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

SNMPWALK - Juniper Switch Over Routing Instances - Discover All Interfaces Using Default Routing Instance


Configuring SNMP for a Juniper switch with routing-instances

Problem or Goal:
To be able to access all SNMP information on a switch that has routing instances configured

When i run an SNMP walk in a specific routing instance, am not able to gather all SNMP information for that switch. For example i was only able to discover interfaces within that specific routing instance that i was polling. i was not able to discover interfaces in other routing instance!


First refer to my previous post

From the above link i was only successful with discovering the interfaces in that routing instance. the challenge is to be able to discover all interfaces:

Before, you need to take note of how to enable SNMP access to over routing instances
The quick solution is change the snmp credentials in your SNMP client to query using the default routing instance.

For example: 

snmpwalk -v2c -c default@public

Problem Solved?

Yes, using the default routing instance, am able to discover all snmp information on the switch. 

Cheers : -)