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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Modern Combat 5 Android Game Error! No Internet connection available. please make sure your device is connected


Just downloaded "Modern Combat 5" on to my android phone but i ran into this snag
"Error! No internet connection available. Please make sure your device is connected to the internet."

Modern Combat 5
Problem or Goal:

This Game was designed to only load over a WiFi connection and can't load when you use your standard mobile connection (3G or 4G). By all means you have to have a WiFi connection.


The internet data usage for this phone is very high especially when you have just downloaded it. all the new missions are loaded from the cloud and this is very rich graphical and media content, this make it's data usage very high, so to minimize the "phone bill shock" at the end of the month for those on postpaid data plans, the designers intended for this game to only load on WiFi since in most cases WiFI connections are billed on flat rates and often cheaper. some countries even have free WiFI. 


Connect to a WiFi hotspot, that's the simple option.
if you have two Phones, you can turn one of them into a WiFi hotspot.

The other trick is to install a dummy WiFi connection on your phone, with this setup you will use your standard 3G/4G mobile data plan to load the game.
The turn-off is this setup is not straight forward + you have to root your android device. i wouldn't recommend this because if you are not careful you will likely brick your device.

Problem Solved?

Yes - Just load the game when connected to a WiFi hotspot
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