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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Where to find Copyright free images, vectors and videos that you can freely use in your publications?

Looking for copyright free images and videos that you can use on your; blog, social media page, website, app, and much more?

On Pixabay you may find and share images, vectors and videos free of copyrights. All content is released under Creative Commons CC0 into the public domain.

Credits: Pixabay

Check Your Data Bundle Balance - Africell Uganda

Check Data Balance - Africell Uganda

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

AirBnB - Yet another smart, legit and clean way to earn side income without owning any assets or capital

Today i want to introduce to you AirBnB; Yet another smart, legit and clean way to earn side income that you have been chasing for years. And to those that have been walking the streets looking for that one job that is never coming, this can be a clever alternative depending on your financial needs.
As you will discover later, it's majorly up to you to take it up and become very creative because let's face it, the world is always rewarding to the creative minds.

I will share my personal experience on how you can use AirBnB to earn side income or earn a living (if your financial needs are not that demanding), I believe AirBnB website has all the information you need to getting started and i definitely can't write a better introductory article than AirBnB team, so you can choose to jump straight to AirBnB website and use their online resources on how to get started.

Otherwise, you are welcome to continue reading my article and in fact let's get down to business:

1. You need AirBnB account, Open one Here!

2. AirBnB has two modes;

    A) - Guest Mode - Guest mode is for the travelers looking for accormodation at their destination or stopovers, it can be both local or international travel. If you are looking for the best App to manage your travel accomodation and experience, you will not find anything better than AirBnB (unless something better comes up after i have published this article, but at the moment AirBnB is the real deal)

    B) - Host Mode - Host mode is for the hosts welcoming guests into their space, and this is the mode that i will focus on, because this is what will make you the money.

3. I should also state clearly again, that you don't need to own any assets to become a host and make money, so don't get worried. In the next bullet i will explain what i mean by this.

4. Hosting mode has three types:

A) - The actual host that owns the assets; house, hotel, cabin, cottage etc.

B) - The Co-Host; This will be you if you don't own any assets and want to make money using AirBnB.

C) - Host an experience; this is the third type that can make you money without necessarily owning any assets. Say for example you create an event in your home town which visitors or tourists can be part of. 

This can be Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly. Of course there will be some logistics involved to pull off a great experience but you can start small and grow big. this is where your creativity will lift you into that financial freedom you have been yearning for.

Another indirect means to make money through AirBnB is through referrals. Just like i wrote a nice article about AirBnB and published it on my blog, you too could do the same thing. I earn 14 USD for every referral that i bring on board after they take their first trip. However, this is not money you can cash out and put in your wallet, but when you get to think of it, there are many ways around on how you can actually realize this travel credit. Take for example if you work for a company or a job that requires you to travel a lot, your company will most likely give you a travel allowance or you can ask for a fixed travel advance in cash and then use your travel credits to book a hotel.

As for me am more focused on host types B and C and just last week i made my first 10 USD being a Co-Host, because my partner that am hosting with agreed to pay me 10 USD for every reservation. I come from a beautiful country Uganda where tourism has a lot of potential and is growing at a fast rate. So if you are a fellow Ugandan looking to make money online, this is a sure deal. Make sure you go through the online resources at AirBnB website to get first hand information on how you can pull this off. AirBnB has a phone App for both Android and Apple so you can control all this through your smartphone. 

Let me know what you think about this opportunity by leaving a comment below, also share this with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.