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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

LG Fuzzy Logic 10Kg Top Loader Washing Machine - water enters and drains out - Doesn't start the washing cycle


Am working with an LG Fuzzy Logic 10KG Top Loader washing machine (TurboDrum), it's new and i have been asked to test it. 

LG TurboDrum Washing Machine

The plumbing and power has already been installed by another person which was a bit unfortunate as you will later realize in this article, because my role was to test as a user and not end up troubleshooting the machine and plumbing. 

The cold water inlet plumbing was done perfectly, it's falling from a good height and the water supply pressure is good.

The challenge is water enters the machine fine but never fills, it instantly drains out (actually siphons out without being pushed by the pump).

Problem or Goal:

with the water siphoning out freely, the wash cycle doesn't start, the machine only agitates for about 8 seconds and gets stuck at some point after only 2 minutes.


After hours of frustration and trying everything including a master reset, the problem cause was as simple as "bad plumbing".
The drain hose that drains the water out of the machine was installed lower than the drum level. so the drum will never fill.


Follow the recommended operating manual, make sure the drain hose is hung up to a level higher than the drum filling level before operating the washing machine.

Problem Solved?

Yes, the drain hose was moved from down to a level up higher than the drum filling level, the machine was powered off and on again and it was able to fill and start the wash cycle. i have just finished my first round of laundry. good luck.


This was a useful link during this troubleshooting, thanks.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Diesel filter warning on my Land cruiser VX limited - HZ Engine


Diesel filter warning on my land cruiser VX limited.

Diesel Filter Warning
Problem or Goal:

My VX land cruiser is displaying a warning on the dash board and when i checked on internet, it stands for "diesel filter" warning.


My mechanic removed the diesel filter and the fuel inside the filter seems to be contaminated with water. he poured the fuel in a glass container and you could observe the suspension mixture of fuel on top and water at the bottom.


We suspected that the fuel tank could be the problem, i didn't have enough time to remove the entire fuel tank, clean it and dry it. so my mechanic advised that we just empty the tank, replace the diesel filter and fuel with new fuel. we did that and the alarm cleared, however on my way from Kampala to Mbarara (almost 3 quarters of a 260KM journey ) the alarm reappeared.

The next move when i go back to Kampala is to go with the first suggestion of dropping the entire fuel tank and cleaning it dry, and replacing the filter again.

My mechanic mentioned to me that this is a serious issue and i should not just ignore this alarm as such fuel can kill the diesel fuel injector nozzles. so as a temporary fix, am going to again replace the filter on my way back to kampala to project my nozzles since the nozzles cost a lot more than a filter of 25,000 UGX. Nozzles can go for 1,500,000 UGX am warned!

Problem Solved?

Problem not yet solved, will update this post once solved.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

ChapChap African - Uganda Version Hits the market with both customer and business associate options

This is one mobile app that is just about to revolutionize the way Ugandans access and pay for services in Uganda.

ChapChap Africa - Uganda version is launched and available on Google Play with the option of signing up as the business associate or normal customer. 
ChapChap is payment platform built around social media and internet marketing with a focus on offering the end-user convenience and also reward them through royalty cashbacks.

User and Business Associates will also earn commissions from referring fellow users and agents.
As your techie guy, am already taking this APP for a spin and i can say; "i endorse ChapChap"
and below is the message am sending to my people. don't be left behind, sign up today, the benefits are endless and if you are considering a secondary cash channel and you are in Uganda, this is it. you can thank me later.

ChapChap Payment Platform

Am inviting you to join ChapChap, the most convenient way to pay for; Airtime, Internet, TV, Yaka, Water and much more. ChapChap is not only convenient but also rewarding. Earn royalty cashbacks when you purchase using ChapChap. There is also a business opportunity if you choose to sign up as a Business Associate and earn commissions from referrals on top of the cashbacks from transactions. Simply go to Google Play Store and search for “ChapChap”, download and install the App. Use referral number: 0752605595 to complete the signup. If you choose to sign up as a Business Associate, contact me so I can guide you through the process, but if you choose to sign up as a customer, it’s free and you can fund you ChapChap wallet direct from your mobile money or Airtel money account. Simply go to “Buy Stock” on your ChapChap APP and follow the prompts. It’s smooth and easy. Cheers

Ask me about “ChapChap”