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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Housing Finance Bank (HFB) Uganda Introduces Mobile Banking

I have been HFB's client with a savings account for now 3 years, the biggest turn-off about their banking services was their ATM which is not VISA enabled. Meaning that it was likely for you to get stuck in a place that has no HFB ATM machine even if you have some money on your account. 
These guys were not even a member of the interswitch group ATMs.

Well the situation hasn't changed about the VISA ATM but i was impressed last week when i visited the bank and was introduced to their latest mobile banking service that makes everything flexible.
Meaning even if you were in a place that has no HFB ATM, you have an alternative of using their mobile banking service to transfer money either to another account or to your mobile money platform. 

Their mobile banking comes in two flavors:

1. The USS code *225#

2. The android App "HFB Mobile Banking App" 
     Am not sure if there is an equivalent for the iOS App

You will need to walk in and fill in some signup form to activate mobile banking for your account. After you have filled the form, you will receive an SMS with the USSD PIN and an activation key for the mobile App. The activation key for the mobile App expires if you don't activate it within 24 hours.

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