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Saturday, August 30, 2014

The "Black Money Scam" is in Uganda - This time, it's "White Money"

The infamous "Black Dollar Scam" or "Wash Wash Scam" that con artists used to cheat Americans millions of their savings and hard earned cash is here in Kampala, Uganda. This con has not been used only in America, but also UK, and many other parts of Europe and India.

Although the con is now stale in America and Europe, it's fresh in Uganda and the con men have modified it a little bit, instead of using black ink to spray the money, they are now using white.
Black Money Scam
To bring you up to speed on how this con works, please watch the videos below and later i will continue to tell you how our very own Ugandan con men are doing it.

Am sure the video has pretty much given you the foundation of the "black money scam".
A few days ago, i was approached by a "Ugandan con man", i don't know what he saw in me that appealed to him, cause i wear causal and am the modest type, .... yes, i know why? i was coming from a bank.

As i was heading for my car, the smartly dressed young man approached me and introduced himself, and told me how he had seen my car at Legends Bar some time back, that was a good guess because i do go to legends bar and i like it. This guy was my age, smart and he had step out of a "Mark X", he looked authentic if you know what i mean.

We chatted for another 5 mins and he invited me to his car to show me something. we were in a secure parking area of a big bank in Kampala, his car was not tinted, people moving around, security guards around and besides, i was from banking a cheque, not withdrawing cash, so i had nothing to fear.

He tabled his business proposal :-), he told me he had access to "White Money"! what the hell is white money? he explained to me that real Ugandan money comes into the country as "white money" and what B.O.U does is wash it with some expensive chemical to make the legal tender. Just below the co-driver's sit was a brown envelope stacked with 3 bundles of  "White Money", he asked me to pick two pieces of "white money", which i did, he then pulled out a 20K note from his wallet, sandwiched it between the white money, rolled it in a piece of white cotton cloth, same size as the "money sandwich", dropped it in a crystal clear liquid which was in small water bottle, shook the contents for approximately one minute and asked me to pour out the liquid and remove our "sandwich". I removed it and unrolled it with a big "ear to ear" smile because the "White Money" had turned into real Ugandan legal tender.
Black Money is then washed in certain solution
He said, i can keep the money and it was mine to spend (oh, thank you very much). I was hesitant to believe him until he said; we wait another minute for the money to dry and we walk together into the bank and deposit it on my account. I said, that's is OK, because the bank has all the machinery to detect fake money (little did i know that it was part of the plan, to make me believe the whole story). we walked back into the bank, i picked a cash deposit slip, went to the teller and banked the 60K onto my account, 40K that we had made from the white money + 20K he had pulled out of his wallet (wow, this guy is loaded). The money passed all the bank tests and we walked out of the bank into his car again.

Now here is the catch 22 for me; We need more original money to convert the remaining "white money", because he uses real money to wash white money in the so called expensive chemical, and this time we have to do a bulk conversion, in the sums of 20 Millions, not only 3 notes in a "Rwenzori bottle"!

So how much do you have? he asked .... i have no money. (True, i had no money, i was from banking aka 300K cheque and am a salary earner waiting for pay day). To be honest, if i had like 3 million on my bank account i was going to walk straight back into the bank and withdrawal it and give this guy to convert white money, because he had promised 50/50 split of the converted cash + i take back my original money (i forgot to tell you that he marks the original money with a pen before sandwiching it between the white money), and we were going to go to any place of my choice, be it my home to do the bulk conversion and that looked genuine.
wash wash money scam
So i should thank my "being broke" for saving my "would be sorry *ss", ... but wait a minute, i can borrow some cash and we go ahead with the "bulk money washing deal", i told him. he put a light smile on his preying face and said "GOOD". I could park my car at a money lender, pick about 5 millions, we go wash it in about 5 hours, we come back, pay back the money lender + interest, pick my car and everyone can go their separate ways smiling. That looked workable for me. But again, my car had a small mechanical fault and i had already called the mechanic to come and pick it, so i told him to call me tomorrow after the car is fixed ("delay" becomes the second savior in this scam).

So we exchange contacts, and go our separate ways, he had asked me not to tell anyone but keep it a secret because he was accessing the "white money" on a black market.
I should say the delay really saved me a lot, because when i went back to office, i calmed down and being the curious person that i am, i wanted to know more about this "white money". And because i hard promised to keep a secret (also i didn't want to blow my shortcut to being rich! :-) greedy, huh?), so i had no one to turn to but my usual friend "GOOGLE" (Google becomes the third savior in this scam).

I was shocked by the results; "White Money" is a SCAM that used to be called "Black Dollar" in America or "Black Money" or "Wash Wash Scam" and right now it's living next door, in my country Uganda, and i was just about to become a victim. what a big relief? yes am sad i had already budget for that money i was going to make! hmn? but am very happy i escaped the preying hands of the con artists.

There is No short cut to riches and wealth, that's greed and it has destroyed many. I was about to handover my car to a money lender and return empty handed!

Am lucky and i think it was for a good cause, so i can expose this scam before it leaves my fellow Ugandan's miserable and in debt.

Share this article as loud as you can and as far as your social network can go. Save your friend's money before the preying hands of these con men can get to it.

I love ya all.

"Your Techie Guy"
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