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Friday, August 1, 2014

Send Money from Anywhere in the world to Uganda-MTN Mobile Money Account - World Remit

World Remit is by far the; quickest, easiest, cheapest and most convenient way to send money from anywhere in the world to an MTN Mobile money account in Uganda. I have used this twice and i will use it again and again ("Nera Nera") to send money to Uganda.

From my humble room in Brescia, Italy, using World Remit's Online Money Transfer, i was able to send money from my MasterCard (Debit Card) to the remotest village in Uganda via MTN Mobile Money.
To be honest, i don't think sending money from abroad to Uganda can ever get this easier and convenient!

This saved me the hustle (+ transport fees) to go around town looking for money transfer services, and it also saved my recipient the hustle (+ transport fees) of looking for money transfer outlets to receive the money.
let's face it, we are all used to the traditional money transfer services; Western Union + MoneyGram, and these are always in Banks, in fully urbanized centers, without forgetting the Bank queues to send and receive money.
Send Money from the comfort of your room to Uganda, MTN Mobile Money
World Remit solved the equation, i get to send money from the comfort of my room and my recipient gets to receive it on his/her phone, and considering that Mobile Money is everywhere in Uganda including the remotest villages in the country; means you can send money from as far as Texas, USA to Buhweju, Uganda (my Dad's Village, which for me is the remotest place on earth :-)).

World Remit has other pay-out options like; Bank Deposit, Cash Pickup, but for me MTN Mobile Money is the winner.

Send Money from Abroad to Uganda, MTN Mobile Money
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