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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Change system Date and Time - Linux


I want to adjust the system date and time


1. Run the command "date" to get the current system date and time, and also the string format because you are going to use the same format in the next command.
# date
Wed Aug 13 14:52:35 EAT 2014

2. Use this command to set the correct date and time.
# date --set="Wed Aug 13 15:18:00 EAT 2014"
Wed Aug 13 15:18:00 EAT 2014

3. Check if the system time is consistent with the hardware clock
# hwclock --show
Wed 13 Aug 2014 03:59:24 PM EAT  -0.516957 seconds

4. Use the system date and time to update the hardware clock
# hwclock --utc --systohc
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