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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Jobs - Regional Network Administrator (Spedag Interfreight - Kampala, Uganda)

Published on: Tuesday, October 24, 2017
Location: Kampala, Uganda
Job Title: Regional Network Administrator


  • Maintain a reliable, secure and efficient data communications network. Able to deploy, configure, maintain and monitor all active network equipment in order to ensure smooth network operation.
  • Management and maintenance of Router, Switches, IP Telephony, PABX.
  • Ensure the DNS Records of the Organization’s DNS Zone is up to date.
  • Periodic review and provide quarterly report of the Network Computers host files to ensure, no unwanted DNS entries are available in the host file.
  • Quarterly review, update where necessary and report the DNS records in the Organization’s DNS Zone.
  • Ensure all the network nodes in the organization has primary DNS as local zone, secondary as HQ zone and third one as ISP zone.
  • Ensure the availability of the DHCP Server in all stations and ensure all the Desktops and Workstations are connected as DHCP Client.
  • Separate Network Ranges for the fixed IP for Servers, Printers and other static network devices from the DHCP Range.
  • Prepare VLAN for Guest Wi-Fi Access and actively monitor lease expiry time.
  • Separate the DHCP Lease for using VLAN Access for Organization and Guest.
  • Ensure no handheld devices are accessible to Organization network. Ensure the Branch VPN Tunnels are actively configured with necessary encryption and active failovers.
  • Prepare necessary Dial-up SSL VPN access to the key users based on the authorization from the Head IT Africa / CTO / Group CIO.
  • Prepare, implement and monitor necessary firewall policies to avoid internet abuse and external attacks.
  • Keep up to date documentation on the firewall policies of the organization with the changes updated on periodic basis.
  • Hold review meetings with the Country IT and record improvements and propose necessary corrective actions where necessary.
  • Periodically update software updates to the Network Devices – Firewall OS, Managed Switches
  • Monitor ISP Downtime and hold review meetings with the ISP in line with the defined SLA and negotiate on the rebates.
  • Define network policies and procedures
  • Research and make recommendations on improvements in Network System administration in coordination with the Global Network Administrator. 

  • Expertise in the entire Watch Guard/Cisco line of products (Router, Switches, Firewall, Network Appliances).
  • Expertise in communication protocols at the medial layer (OSI Layer 1 to 3) and host layers (OSI layer 4 to 7) that includes but is not limited to Ethernet 802.11, ARP, IP, TCP, UDP, SSL, TLS, HTTP, SMTP, FTP, DNS.
  • Expertise in network monitoring tools, in order to analyze network related issues and translate the results, graphs into concrete remedial actions
  • Capable of making informed decisions and provide practical, timely solutions
  • Willingness to involve stakeholders in the decision making process, to get buy-in and to implement solutions.
  • Readiness to continuously focus on identifying and meeting customer current and future needs
  • Readiness to provide alternatives and optimized solutions to the Customer.
  • Detail oriented and able to multi task
  • Ability to work alone or in a team, co-operation (mentoring, motivation)
  • Target driven spirit.
  • High energy and resilience.
  • Be authentic, approachable, open and honest.
  • Bachelor of Science or IT related discipline / Experience of 5 years Computer Literacy
  • Working knowledge for hardware: HP PCs, Laptops, Servers, Printers and Cisco Switches, Routers
  • Good knowledge and experience of Watch Guard Firewall, Cisco Switches, LAN, WAN, VPN.
  • Working knowledge with PRTG Network Monitoring or similar tools
  • Preferred knowledge and experience in ITIL and/or CobitActive Directory
  • Preferred knowledge and experience in ITIL and/or Cobit
  • Fluent in English 

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