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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

SMS Coin - An alternative way of monetizing your website

I have been running a free classified's website in Uganda (Tag Sale Uganda) for over two years and recently i was looking for a way of monetizing the service. It's almost impossible to monetize such as service in a country like Uganda. Am talking about payment solutions that are easy to integrate and will be generally acceptable by your clients. I know about mobile money payment platforms but i didn't want to go in that directions because of the bureaucracies involved and also because the mobile money API is not readily available for third party integration (if it is, you have to hustle and wait in the Que)! So is there any other simple and quick way to monetize such a small online service in a country like Uganda where PAYPAL and the likes is a "no go" zone? (Yes, get it from me, PayPal is not an option here, unless your target market is the "few elite"!).
Today am happy to have landed on "SMS Coin", surely the person who developed such a solution must have been thinking about me :-), A perfect solution to monetize online content and websites in countries where the biggest population is still ignorant about internet based payments.
Monetize your online service with SMS Coin
 I will without hesitation proceed to integrate this seemingly nice alternative payment gateway and will be back to tell you about the fruits, if i reap any :-).
If you were looking for a similar solution, have fun.
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