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Friday, November 12, 2010

Step by Step Password Recovery on a CISCO 2500 series router

1. Boot the router
2. Interrupt the boot sequence crtl+c
3. type "o" this brings up a menu of configuration register options, e.g
4. Type "o/r" to change the config register value, e.g
    >o/r 0x2142
5. Reload, type I (for Initialize)
6. The router reloads and asks if you want to use setup mode, because no startup-config is used.
   Answer no, press ENTER to go into user mode.
7. enable
8. copy start run
9. config t
10. enable secret josh (“josh” will be your new password)
11. config-register 0x2102
12. copy run start
13. reload

For detailed information, i recommend:
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