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Monday, November 8, 2010

How to enable root login from SSH - UNIX

Are you trying to login to a Solaris server as root from an SSH client but can NOT get in yet telnet works fine. Well the reason it’s not working is because the Solaris standard installation will inhibit root login via SSH. You can change this in the “sshd.conf” file. There is an option you can change to ‘yes’ and after a restart of the sshd daemon (or system restart) it works fine.

Problem: Tried to login to a solaris server as root from PuTTY client using SSH, Telnet worked fine but SSH refused.
Error: Using keyboard-interactive authentication.
    Access Denied
  1. cd  /etc/ssh
  2. vi  sshd_config
  3. Search for this parameter “PermitRootLogin” and set it to “yes” i.e; PermitRootLogin  yes
  4. save and quit
  5. restart the sshd daemon and try to login again from ssh.
For more information on how to restart the sshd daemon and how to configure other ssh parameters, see the manual pages for sshd:

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