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Thursday, April 13, 2017

How much is your website or blog worth and how much can you make from blogging?

Are you curious to find out how much your website or blog is worth? you can find out at worth of web
Am not a very active publisher, i do about 2 to 5 posts in a month but am impressed my blog is worth about 57 USD as of today. Well i opened this blog in 2010 so it's about 7 years old so may be the value also comes with age, but i believe the age should not matter at all if you are a committed published.

my techie guy worth
To successfully gain from blogging, you need to be active everyday and make sure you publish a minimum of 10 posts per day, and we are not talking about just 10 words posts! we are talking about at least 200 words post that can attract at least 5 visitors per day.

Lets do simple maths:
And am going to use the statistics provided by Worth of web

My techie guy daily earnings
According to worth of web:

1. My blog gets 11 page views per day (which is not very true when you compare to the google analytics statistics, my blog actually generates close to 50 page views per day)
2. My blog makes 0.02 dollars per day (This is almost true when i check my daily Adsense earnings)
3. My blog makes 0.47 dollars per month (This is not true because the earning per day sometimes spike up and i end up with about 2 dollars per month)
4. My blog has a total of 192 post as of now

So what do we deduce from the stats above:
11 page views ---> 0.02 USD
=> 1 page view ---> 0.02/11 approx 0.002 USD

192 posts ---> 11 page views
=> 1 post ---> 11/192 approx 0.06 page views

If you are a committed blogger and you can publish 10 good posts per day for the 7 years:
10 posts per day = 10 x 360 x 7 = 25200 posts
=> Daily page views will have grown to 25200 x 0.06 = 1512 page views
=> Daily earnings will have grown to 1512 x 0.002 = 3 USD

Estimate for daily earnings in your first year of active blogging:
10 x 360 = 3600 posts
=> Daily page views after the 1st year = 3600 x 0.06 = 216
=> Daily earnings after the 1st year = 0.432 USD

There are so many other factors that can improve your earnings from blogging, my assumption is based on best effort, where you just write posts and wait for organic traffic.
And my only source of earning is Google Adsense, but there are other channels you can consider to make your blog more profitable, for example affiliate marketing and other advertising platforms.

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