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Friday, August 14, 2015

Tracking routed vlan interface statistics and bandwidth shaping on Juniper switches - ex4500 series

I have just finished provisioning two different internet customers (one supposed to be 4 Mbps and the other 3 Mbps up/down) on a Juniper ex-4500-40f series switch.
The next step was to do bandwidth limiting on these customers but i have hit 2 very annoying snags with this model of juniper switch.

1. The bandwidth policer can ONLY work for ingress traffic (this would be up-link from the customer) which is usually a non issue for the ISP because Uplink is little traffic compared to down-link!
For egress traffic, am supposed to do "bandwidth-shaping" but yet again it's not supported for logical interfaces! WTF Juniper!

2. The ex-4500 does NOT support tracking RVI (Routed VLAN Interface) statistics! meaning there is no way i will be able to track the throughput for my internet customers. This is really annoying because even you SNMP tool won't be able to monitor such interfaces no matter how fancy it is!

Sorry if you landed on this page because of the same issue. 
Funny thing is RVI stats are supported on the lower versions ex3200 and ex4200! up to now i don't know why the F*** Juniper decided to do it like this. Ideally higher switch models should inherit all the good features from it's predecessors and even get better.

Here are two screen shots from my ex4200 and the annoying ex4500!:
On the 4200 you are able to the the ingress stats whereas on the 4500 there is 0.

I really don't know if there is any work around this "show stopper" on the ex4500! please comment if you have any break through on the 4500 regarding rvi statistics or rvi egress bandwidth limiting.
will appreciate.

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