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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Just bought Yaka from Payway using my VISA card

Another one of those services that leaves you saying "Thank God for Technology".
It's 8:00 PM and am still stuck in office, and the people at home call saying Yaka is finished and they are in total darkness. My quick solution has always been to buy using Airtel or Mobile Money, but this time both my Airtel and MTN mobile money accounts were zero.

So the lazy techie hits google to see if these payway guys have actually added a web payment gateway and the good news is they actually have already integrate web payment. They are using PesaPal API as their payment gateway ...... oops sorry am going into so much details, am sure you landed on this page because you were looking for the same service. so here you go:

1. Access this page using your computer or phone: PAYWAY WEB KIOSK

Payway Web kiosk
2. Fill in the details; Name, Email, Billing Address, Phone Number ..... etc
3. Enter you visa/mastercard details
4. Hit pay 
Buy yaka using VISA
5. Receive the YAKA token in your email or click the "update status" page

6. Have fun
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