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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

HUAWEI finally opens up their Knowledge Share with eNSP

HUAWEI, one of the giant telecom and ICT vendors and service provider has finally opened their knowledge share by launching a free graphical simulation tool called eNSP (Enterprise Network Simulation Platform).

The tools very much looks like CISCO's packet tracer with a graphical user interface, drag and drop and easy to use. Students, Specialist and Experts can now use this tool to get familiar with the Huawei OS environment. I wonder why it took Huawei all this time to come up with such a simple tool? but this is a sign that the Chinese are finally opening up to the global community because of the cut throat competition in the IT industry.
eNSP Huawei
Anyway, good move Huawei and the next step should be to also open up your certification exams just like CISCO and JUNIPER so someone can become a Huawei IP expert without having to first travel to Shenzhen, China.

The software is in it's beta version and you can download it from the Huawei Enterprise Support Community. Have fun and happy learning.
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