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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Make use of the free online website design applications

With absolutely no background in website programming you can be able to design and deloy professionally looking websites using these free website builders. Here are some of the few I have used and found to be really amazing.

Has a very good user-friendly website builder which you can use to create and deploy a website in less than one hour with no prior knowledge in web programming. This is by far my favourite solution for creating a free website or blog in the shortest time, plus the free domain name you get for your website doesn't look bad compared to other free website tools like Google Sites! infact the free domain names from are cool; here are some examples of sites i have created using (all i did was just drag and drop!):
Design a website in seconds by just doing "drag and drop"!

Yet another good place where you can set up a free website in seconds but is mainly good for creating blogs. So if you are looking for a good blogging tool, wordpress is something you should consider. Wordpress has a wide range of free applications ( "Widgets" ) which you can embed in your free website to archive many functionalities.
Wordpress is another good tool for creating free websites.
I like google sites because of the wide range of applications (or what Google calls "Gadgets") that you can integrate into the free website; Forms, maps, videos, picture slides, documents, etc but I hate their free url! It's long and ugly! However, there is a work around. You can buy a custom domain name and link it to your Google site. I have done this before and it's pretty cool.
it would be very unfair if I didn't list blogger among the nice free website builders yet the website(my-techie-guy) where you are reading this post is actually a blog and I created it using BLOGGER. Yet again, I like blogger for the wide range of gadgets which I can embed into my website including custom html and java scripts. And the free URL format for blogger is better than that of Google Sites.
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