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Monday, September 5, 2011

What is dynamic routing?

Dynamic routing is when protocols are used to find networks and update routing tables on routers as opposed to static routing or default routing. In static routing, IP networks are manually entered into the routing table by use of configuration commands whereas in dynamic routing, the router automatically learns of other neighboring IP networks by use of a routing protocol.
The routing protocols used in dynamic routing include:
1.        RIPv1 - Routing Information Protocol version 1
2.        RIPv2 - Routing Information Protocol version 2
3.        IGRP - Interior Gateway Routing Protocol
4.        EIGRP- Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol
5.        OSPF – Open Shortest Path First
6.        BGP – Border Gateway Protocol),
7.        MPLS – MultiProtocol Label Switching
8.        ISIS – Intermediate System-to-Intermediate System Protocol
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