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Friday, August 12, 2011

How to connect your PC/Laptop to your TV/LCD

Today new TVs/LCDs come with the PC VGA input port and it’s very easy to connect your laptop to your giant screen and enjoy the movies you saved on your hard disk. All you need for this simple setup is a VGA cable; connect one end to the PC VGA port and the other end to your TV and select PC input from your TV input menu.

However, some people still own the old model TVs which don’t have the VGA port! The good news it is still possible to connect your PC or Laptop to your Television set and also enjoy movies, pictures, videos from your PC/Laptop.
For this kind of setup, you need a “PC VGA to TV S-Video”.

The converter comes with the VGA cable and S-Video cable.

See how you will hook it up in the diagram below:

Have fun!
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